Financial Statements: Balance, Income, Cash Flow, and Equity

The other main financial statements are the balance sheet and cash flow statement. The single-step format is useful for getting a snapshot of your company’s profitability, and not much else, which is why it’s not as common as the multi-step income statement. But if you’re looking for a super simple financial report to calculate […]

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Best Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

This doesn’t account for all of the additional expenses incurred with full-time employees, like payroll taxes, paid sick leave, benefits, etc. What’s more, these accounting tools are all online which means you won’t have to implement some bulky accounting solution. The right accounting software can assist you in recognizing trends early on, allowing you […]

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A Free Bookkeeping Daily Workflow Chart Template

A bookkeeping workflow ensures proper responsibility and accountability. If any confusion or error arises, it can be easily addressed as the workflow will allow the users to know under whose jurisdiction the issue has arisen. By implementing an automation tool, all this can be done with zero delays and zero errors. With your business […]

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What is bookkeeping and why is it important for small businesses?

At the end of every pay period, the bookkeeper will accumulate employee payroll details that include hours worked and rates. From there, the total pay is determined with the applicable taxes and withholdings. In the accounting software, the primary journal entry for total payroll is a debit to the compensation account and credits cash. […]

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QuickBooks® Online: All-in-One Business Solutions

In this age of cloud accounting and virtual bookkeeping services, they should be able to have reports sent to you on a schedule. Some accounting software providers charge for additional users beyond a set limit, which is an important point to keep in mind if many employees need access. A few vendors also offer […]

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What is a Voided Check? How to Void a Check

ContentHow to Get a Void Check for Direct DepositWhat is a Void Cheque?If You Don’t Have ChecksSafely send the checkChime Review : Get Your Paycheck Early

There are several situations in which a voided check might be used. The most obvious one is when a mistake has been made when writing a check, such as […]

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The True Cost of Non-Compliance in Business Consequences

ContentWhat is True Cost Economics?Views on Quality Software and TestingThe true cost of non-organic food.Related productsGDPR and the Deemed Export Rule: Striking a BalanceCounting the true cost of climate changeFree resources

With the software solutions from More4apps data could then be manipulated, loaded and checked using the familiar excel environment – making the workflow seamless, […]

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How to calculate predetermined overhead rate

The concept is much easier to understand with an example of predetermined overhead rate. For instance, imagine that your company has a new job coming up, and you need to calculate predetermined overhead rate for an estimate of manufacturing costs. It also aids in setting accurate prices that account for the cost of production […]

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How to Calculate Home Equity

Shareholders’ equity can also be calculated by taking the company’s total assets less the total liabilities. The account demonstrates what the company did with its capital investments and profits earned during the period. Equity is a common financial term used in business operations, investing and more. This balance can be used to determine the […]

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Becoming a CPA costs: CPA exam fees, review course costs, certification application fee

ContentSave $1,150 Off Becker CPA Pro+Save $300 Off Blueprint LSAT Live CoursesFeesIllinois CPA ethics requirementSave $125 Off Surgent CIA Review Essentials PassEducational Hours Required for Exam

This is a non-refundable, one-time fee that you will pay directly to the state board. CPA Exam cost can be broken down into the fees you’ll pay to sit […]

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