• Qualified librarian for periodical maintenance of the library infrastructure. Through the library committee the resource and relevant library materials are collected and different folders (media, new arrivals, etc.) are maintained.
• The library data are fully maintained by programmed software to our own needs. Computerized author and title catalogues which facilitate the user to find out the availability, nature of the resource materials and details of their account. Adequate number of computers and internet facilities for optimum use.
• The monthly report for various library transactions is submitted to the library committee which consists of the principal and the two staff.
Functions of Library Committee
Purchasing Books and materials and decisions regarding modification of library service.


To have error free calendar .
• To add the exam schedule
• To alter the guideline for the students
• To include the names of Governing Body Members and Students Council and Alumni Committee.
• To modify Disciplinary Committee, Grievance Redressal Cell & YRC


• Budgetting
• Scheduling the camp activities
• Arranging the resource person
• Organizing out-reach programme on near-by slum
• Designing Adult Literacy survey tool
• Inviting the Doctors for Aids awareness programme
• Duties and responsibilities of various group leaders and in-charge staff.


• To enhance the student skill on Indian heritage, the student teachers are motivated to conduct programmes related to Indian culture.
• Exhibitions are arranged to help the student teachers to exhibit their collections regarding Indian culture and practices.
• To create a social responsibility among students to preserve the culture of our country.


• Enrollment of the college under YRC unit
• Conducting blood group identification camp
• Conducting yoga camp
• Conducting one day workshop on Disaster Management
• Conducting voluntary blood donation camp


The college has a Grievance Redressal cell and the following faculty members have been designated to take care of the Grievance Redressal cell. The committee deals with issues relating to various problems faced by the students. It is applicable to all students and faculty.
A complaint may be rectified by the committee members.A written complaint may be addressed to the principal over phone or in person and it will be kept confidential and also the action will be taken immediately. The students can also communicate their problems directly to the principal. The cell provides solution to the problem of the students. The details of the Grievance Redressal cell members have been displayed in the college notice board for the student reference.

The Socially Useful and Productive Work programs are conducted by various specialists in various areas like doll making, painting, drawing, goods preparation, food processing, tailoring, basket knitting, embroidering, etc

Placement Cell

• Our college contains a placement cell. With this help of this cell the coordinator can contain various mock interviews and give training to the prospective teachers in various aspects to face the interview without fear.
• The main aim of this programmed is to help our students in getting jobs depending on their skills.
• Students can benefit themselves by surveillance of notice board every day.

Alumni Association

•About the Association
•Our former prospective teachers are our valuable assets.
•Our college has started Alumni Association during the year 2010 with the B.Ed., Students All the alumni members are requested to inform about their welfare and various position held from time to time.
•Every year a meeting of alumni association is conducted.
•Since most of our former prospective teachers are well-placed and successful they are a source of inspiration for the present batch of prospective teachers.
•Association Members

Talents of the students
Images of the students talents like rangolietc

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